Thursday, April 07, 2005


See on the web: Valenergol

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Our project (Some work for our english teacher...)

Our project concerns renewable energy in transport.

We propose a "clean transport solution" for the students.
Each student know how difficult it is to park in a university...
Moreover, a car is really expensive through the invoices cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance and other important expenses.

We will use buses running with sunflower oil. They will desserve each part of Nice.
Biodegredable energy is actually a fast-growing tendance.
In fact, the kyoto protocol is effective since the 16th February 2005. Many States have decided to fill in, excepted a main actor, USA, who produce aroud 25% of the CO2 worldwide production.

The worrying state of our planet is able to improve with those kind of energy, if everybody can feel concerned about it and act this way.
We're persuaded that if any customer have the choice between a polluting and a non-polluting solution for the same price, he will choose the last one. The whole population would like to help reducing the CO2 emission, but don't know how or don't have the time. That's why our company go in this way to save our planet.
(We're not Clark Kent, but we work to get through this...)

Nowadays, a wide range of renewable energy exist:
- biofuel (ethanol, ETBE, biodiesel...)
- hydrogen, combustible pile
- electricity
- solars energy

Now you can ask yourself about why chosing sunflower oil? and not solar energy for example?

The answer is clear, sunflower oil is completely renewable at a lower cost.

While solar energy on a bus is really complicated to manage for an interesting price.

However, to turn a buck with this project we'll have to develop another profitable solution:
"a sunflower visit of Nice" for tourists.

Moreover, we'll extend the student solution by providing "sunflower ski-bus" during the winter session, and "sunflower party-bus" for the party of the University.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

tourne au sol ou tourne au ciel?

sunflower transportation company, do you think it's possible yet?